<div align="center"><strong><font size="5">Archaelogical Assets:</font></strong></div>

  Nadia district can claim a proud tradition in century old Dochala & Charchala & Aatchala terracotta temples.


1.    Manuments protected by the Archeology Directorate Information & Cultural Affairs Dept. Govt of WB

a) Raghbeswar Temple, Dignagar

b) Shyamchand Temple, Santipur

2. Manuments protected by Archeology Department, Govt. of

India a) Palpara Temple, Palpara

b) Bamanpukur Mound of Fort, Bamanpukur


3. Heritage Commission WB has taken over as heritage building

a) Bramha Samaj , Santipur

b) Adwaitaprabhu Mandir, Santipur

c) Topkhana Mosjid, Santipur


Topkhana Mosque